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Omnigenus—Pantyliners Made of Nettle for Mental Hygiene

TV & Radio ad, Newspaper ad, Street action

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  • Omnigenus
    TV ad
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    An art-advertising product for mass media consumption

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  • Art-Bio:

    TV and Radio Broadcasting
    radio 101, Zagreb, Croatia
    TV Politika, ART channel, TV Pink, SOS channel, YU info, TV B92, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
    radio B92, radio INDEX, Poslovni radio, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
    Print Ad / Press Actions
    Plavi Oglasnik, Zagreb, Croatia
    Nin—Weekly Informative Magazine, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
    Remont—Art Magazine, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
    Street Action
    Cvetni trg, “Urban Festival”, Zagreb, Croatia

Omnigenus print ad published at Remont—Art Magazine and Nin—Weekly informative Magazine

omng print ad

Omnigenus print ad

Omnigenus TV ad broadcast on TV and Radio, on the occasion of 42nd October Salon in Belgrade

omng tv ad [still image]

Omnigenus TV ad

Virtual pantyliners facilitate mind-body interaction via mass media. Produced in a form of art-advertising campaign which was broadcast on television and radio programs during the commercial break.

Urtica’s statement:

This peculiar brand of pantyliner made of stinging nettle was designed to suit the mental needs of all genders. Through the transfer of purpose, the pantyliner, from a product for physiological hygiene, turns into a product for mental hygiene. Omnigenus brimmed with the allusions on savagely beaten-up participants in the parade of the “sexually different” on the Day of Pride which was held on 30th of Jun 2001 in Belgrade. It problematized the traditional establishment of social institutions in Serbia and the growing influence of the Serbian Orthodox Church which condemned the parade.

… Olmost ten years later the first Day of Pride in Belgrade was held on 10th of October 2010 under the protection of the police.