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Lapsus Memoriae

Internet Game

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  • Art and Wargaming

    A game of memorising the names of military operations

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    • Visual identity,
    • Brand,
    • Memory,
    • Unconscious,
    • War,
    • Military,
    • Euphemistic,
    • Game,
    • NATO,
    • Emotion,
    • Semantic,
    • Soft power,
    • Wargaming
  • Art-Bio:

    Festivals and Group Exhibitions
    Belgrade, Serbia, Play Cultures [svet digitalnih igara] Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade
    Novi Sad, Serbia, Play Cultures [svet digitalnih igara] Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina
    Rotterdam, Nethetlands, “International Filmfestival Rotterdam”, Exploding Cinema-section, Power : Play
    Yucatan/Mexico, “[R]-[R]-[F]” InteractivA’03 - Biennial for New Media Art, Museum of Contemporary art Merida; contribution for the web project: Remembering, Repressing, Forgetting
    Vienna, Austria, “Quo, vadis logo?”, Transeuropa, Quartier 21, Museumsquartier
    Belgrade, Yugoslavia, “KEF” Short Electronic Forms Festival, Rex B92 Qltural Lab
    Basel, Switzerland, “Viper” / International Festival for Film, Video and New Media category CD-ROM/internet, exhibited at Theater Basel; presentation at White Box, Theater Basel
    “K. und K. - Kraft und Konfekt”, presentation, Vienna, Austria
    “Gray Game”, lecture, Prva Kragujevačka Gimnazija, Kragujevac, Yugoslavia
    “Lapsus Memoriae”, presentation, Media Education Center kuda.org, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia

The conversation between Urtica and Nick Lüthi took place in Novi Sad. An interview was published at DE:BUG Magazin für Elektronische Lebensaspekte in 2003.

De:Bug Article by Nick Luethi : NATO bittet zum Memory-Spiel, Das Medienkunstkollektiv Urtica aus Jugoslawien