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Lapsus Memoriae

Internet Game

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    A game of memorising the names of military operations

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  • Art-Bio:

    Festivals and Group Exhibitions
    Belgrade, Serbia, Play Cultures [svet digitalnih igara] Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade
    Novi Sad, Serbia, Play Cultures [svet digitalnih igara] Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina
    Rotterdam, Nethetlands, “International Filmfestival Rotterdam”, Exploding Cinema-section, Power : Play
    Yucatan/Mexico, “[R]-[R]-[F]” InteractivA’03 - Biennial for New Media Art, Museum of Contemporary art Merida; contribution for the web project: Remembering, Repressing, Forgetting
    Vienna, Austria, “Quo, vadis logo?”, Transeuropa, Quartier 21, Museumsquartier
    Belgrade, Yugoslavia, “KEF” Short Electronic Forms Festival, Rex B92 Qltural Lab
    Basel, Switzerland, “Viper” / International Festival for Film, Video and New Media category CD-ROM/internet, exhibited at Theater Basel; presentation at White Box, Theater Basel
    “K. und K. - Kraft und Konfekt”, presentation, Vienna, Austria
    “Gray Game”, lecture, Prva Kragujevačka Gimnazija, Kragujevac, Yugoslavia
    “Lapsus Memoriae”, presentation, Media Education Center kuda.org, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia

Online memory game screenshot (cards layout)

l.m. [screenshot] 01

memory game 1

Online memory game screenshot (Operation Anaconda)

l.m. [screenshot] 02

lapsus memoriae 1

Online memory game screenshot (Operation Shining Hope)

l.m. [screenshot] 03

lm 2

Lapsus Memoriae presentation at “Viper” festival in Basel, 2002 (photo: Viper)

l.m. at Viper 01

at Viper in Basel

Lapsus Memoriae game at “Viper” festival in Basel, 2002 (photo: Claude Giger)

l.m. at Viper 02

at Viper in Basel 2

Lapsus Memoriae game at “Film Festival Rotterdam”, section Power : Play

l.m. at Film Rotterdam

at Film Rotterdam

L.M. focuses on media presentation of war. The slip of the memory is caused by euphemistic names of military operations that reprograms emotional participation of the public in positive direction and erases unpleasant relation to the battlefield.

Urtica’s statement:

The names of military operations function as slogans for short-term military-marketing campaigns. These slogans have been created so to secure wide support for a certain military operation. “As the Wall Street Journal wrote last week, if security were a marketable product, it would be harder to find a better brand name than NATO.” [31 Jan. 2002 NATO After September 11, Speech]

Lapsus Memoriae is a memory game. There are 20 cards (10 matching pairs) with colourless illustrations of the most harmless (in semantic sense) names of the military operations on the flip side. The cards are spread out with the blank side up. Can you find two identical symbols of Amber Fox, Shining Hope or Endless Justice? If there is a match, the player finds out how the operation name causes slip of the memory, i.e., an unconscious erasure of all negative connotations connected to the concept they refer to. Play until all of the tokens are exposed. In this game nobody wins.

Memory game is Zero-Sum Game, because the amount of tokens won by one player is equal to the amount lost by another. But in Lapsus Memoriae nobody wins, since in the war games for what one player loses in terms of lives and injuries is not won by the victor.

Produced within the framework of artist in residence programme at C3 Center for Culture and Communication, Budapest, Hungary, 2002.
Credits: Benedek Gaspar, programming