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Value Quest—The Golden Card

Screen printing on PVC (ISO 7810, 7811), laser engraving on Plexiglas

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    “Value Quest—Art of Fortune and Economy of Risk,” solo exhibition, Salon of Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. Curator: Zoran Erić

An ancient Persian poem, The Bird Parliament (1177), describes an arduous quest of a birds for a mythical bird the great Simorgh. At the end of the journey only thirty birds reached the land of Simorgh but all they could perceive there is the reflection of the thirty birds in a lake as a metaphor of their aggregated totality. In Persian “Si morgh” means “thirty birds.” (see translation bellow)

VQ poster

Fragments of the poem Bird Parliament

a 1177 poem by Farid ud-Din Attar, tr. by Edward FitzGerald, 1889

Of Travel not of Days or Months, but Years—
Life-long perhaps: of Dangers, Doubts, and Fears
As yet unheard of: Sweat of Blood and Brain
Interminable—often all in vain—
And, if successful, no Return again.

That in the Maidan of this World pursue
The Golden Ball which, driven to the Goal,
Wins the World‘s Game but loses your own Soul.

This World‘s a Nest in which the Cockatrice
Is warm‘d and hatcht of Vanity and Vice:
A false Bazaar whose Wares are all a lie,
Or never worth the Price at which you buy:
A many-headed Monster that, supplied The faster,
faster is unsatisfied.